Bruised Arm After Blood Test

Bruised arm after blood testYour doctor might call this kind of bruise is also called a hematoma. That’s a swollen area filled with blood. A hematoma that you get after a blood test often looks more serious than it is.

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Bruised Arm After Blood Test – Related Questions

Bruised Arm After Blood Test

After having your blood drawn, it’s fairly normal to have a small bruise. A bruise usually appears because small blood vessels are accidentally damaged as your healthcare provider inserts the needle. A bruise might also form if there wasn’t enough pressure applied after the needle is removed.

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Why Did I Get A Bruise After A Blood Test?

Bruise went right up my arm! Happens when either you don’t press on it for long enough after the blood is taken or you use your arm too much (for something strenuous) after the test is done. Doesn’t ususally happen to me either but I have v quick flowing blood and I carried shopping home so I think I made it worse!

What Causes Sharp Pain In Arm After Blood Test?

In rare cases, a nerve may be injured in the arm leading to sharp fiery pain in arm after blood test. Pain in Arm After Blood Test Causes The cause of pain in the arm after blood test is a bruise at the site where blood was drawn. A minor infection at the site may also be the cause of pain in arm after blood test.

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Why Does My Arm Bruise After A Venipuncture?

Damaged blood vessels may cause your arm to bruise after venipuncture. it may happen sometimes when you move your arm in response to the pain during the puncture process and the phlebotomist jerks the needle in response to your movement before he/she hits the blood vessel.

Is It Normal To Have A Bruise On Your Arm?

Occasionally, bruising of the arm may develop. The bruise may look dramatic and some people can find this worrying, especially if it appears away from the donation area. Bruises are usually harmless and will disappear with time and it is normal for them to spread out before fading.

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