Eyes Swelling Reason

Swollen eyelids

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Eyes Swelling Reason

Eye swelling results from excess fluid in the soft tissues surrounding the eye. Allergic reactions are a common cause of eye swelling. Such reactions may be caused by pollen (hay fever), animal dander, foods, or medicines.

What Are The Causes Of Swollen Eyes?

obstructed or impaired vision, depending on the cause. Prolonged crying, trauma, or eye injury is a common cause of swollen eyes. Virtually any cause of inflammation to the eye area may manifest as eyelid swelling, although allergic reactions are likely the most common cause.

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  • Eye Puffiness

    It’s often caused by a virus, bacteria, allergens or other irritants. Stye – An infection in an eyelash follicle or tear gland, styes appears as tender, red bumps at the edge of your eyelids. Chalazion – Similar to a stye, a chalazion is a harmless, small bump that appears on your eyelid. Blocked oil glands cause chalazia.

  • Swelling Under Eyes Causes

    The under-eye swelling is also regarded as ‘under-eye bags’ or ‘puffy eyes’. The tissues surrounding the eyes are called Orbit, which gets swollen on some kind of infection or other causes. Since the skin around the eye is very thin, the swelling is easily visible, leading to swelling under the eye.

  • Inflamed Eyelid

    Symptoms of inflammation include: itchy eyelids swollen eyelids red or inflamed eyelids a burning sensation in the eyes oily eyelids a feeling that something is in or on your eyes red eyes watery eyes a crust on your eyelashes or in the corners of your eyes sensitivity to light