How To Get Lic Policy Copy Online

How to get lic policy copy onlineTrack the LIC Policy Status via ‘SMS’ Besides the option of online registration, you can check the LIC policy status through ‘SMS’ from your mobile phone. This reduces the mess of remembering the password to check the online policy status. Do not forget the ‘policy number’ as it is necessary to get all the details through this process.

How to download copy of lic policy online lic policy

LIC Maturity Claim Online. LIC maturity claims are claims that are settled for endowment type insurance policies offered by LIC under settlement option for amounts payable at the end of the policy period or in regular structured periodic installments as per the subscription of a LIC policy, and every claim under this maturity will be informed to policyholders at least.

In that time if you need the copy of LIC policy bond then you can download it online. If you want to get the LIC proposal image means the form which you have filled up for your policy then you can also download the copy of this form. For all online transactions in your LIC policy you need to registered in LIC online portal first. You can .

In an earlier post, I had discussed how you can take loan against your LIC policy to take care of loan requirement.I had also discussed certain aspects as your loan eligibility and the applicable rate of interest for the loan. You can read the various aspects of loan against LIC policy in this post, In this post, I want to touch upon an operational aspect i.e. how to apply for.

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If you don’t want to continue LIC policy for any reason then LIC gives you an option to surrender your Policy. There are Lock in period for 3 years in Endowment Plan and 5 years for ULIP plan. LIC policy is not allowed in LOCK in LIC agents in Mumbai are doing all this procedure for surrender of LIC policies.

Original copy of LIC e-Term Policy. Claim settlement form mentioning the details of the deceased policyholder. Age proof. Certificate copy of FIR (First Information Report) In case of unnatural death of the policyholder or death due to accident then the beneficiary will need to submit the police investigation report and post-mortem report.

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The following are the steps you must follow for LIC premium receipt online download: Visit the LIC website ( and click on ‘LIC’s e-Services’ under the option which says ‘Online Services’. If you are a registered user, select ‘Registered User’.

The choice of surrendering your LIC policy mid-way gives you the freedom of investing in any other LIC policy without the worries of the future. Choose the best insurance plans for yourself today! Buy Insurance Plans Now. LIC surrender value calculator. LIC surrender value calculator is an online tool that helps you get the approximate details .

Things to Take Note of whileChecking LIC Maturity Amount Online. There are certain points to remember while checking LIC Maturity Amount online. They are: The website will ask the policy number of the particular plan. Therefore, the policyholder should keep the details of the LIC policy at the ready.