Severe Generalized Edema

Severe generalized edemaSevere Generalized Edema Associated with Phenelzine. William Bobo, M.D. l. and Cheryl A. Hemme, M.D. 2 Abstract. Rabkin, et al. describes a. 4%. incidence qfphenelzine-inducededema, which appears tobedue to increased capillary permeability (1,2). This adverse dJect is notfurther characterized ill the literature and is not readily mentioned as one. of


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  • Local Edema

    Localised oedema. Definition: A disorder characterized by swelling due to excessive fluid accumulation at a specific anatomic site. Thereof, what is.

  • Brain Edema

    In cerebral edema, the relative volume of brain tissue increases as the brain tissues swells with edema. This increased relative brain volume decreases perfusion (blood) to the brain, and the pressure can cause further damage to both the edematous and non-edematous brain. Clinical presentation of cerebral edema is variable, ranging from asymptomatic to severe.

  • Types Of Edema

    A person with edema may also notice: swollen, stretched, and shiny skin. skin that retains a dimple after a few seconds of pressure. puffiness of the ankles, face, or eyes. aching body parts and stiff joints. weight gain or weight loss. decreased urine.

  • Edema Mechanism

    Edema, therefore, occurs when there is excessive interstitial fluid volume, leading to the clinical presentation edema. Mechanism. Edema formation occurs into two fundamental steps. Firstly, an alteration in capillary hemodynamics favoring the movement of fluids from the vascular space into the interstitium.