Bruise On Breast No Lump

Bruise on breast no lumpBruise on breast no lump. A 37-year-old female asked: Been poking and prodding breast lump tor 1.5 week, 20x a day. hurt af ter 1.5 week. stopped poking for 4 days but still hurts a lot. did i bruise it? Dr. Robert Uyeda answered. General Surgery 45 years experience.

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Bruise On Breast No Lump

The vast majority of the time, a swollen breast, red skin, or a bruise is the result of an infection, an allergy, or an injury — not cancer. The challenge is that all of these symptoms also can indicate inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare but aggressive form of the disease that’s easy to misdiagnose.

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What Does A Breast Lump Feel Like?

A breast lump feels like a mass of tissue in the breast which is unlike the surrounding tissue. It could be soft or hard, the margins may be smooth or irregular, but should be able to feel the margin of the lump distinctly as against the rest of the breast tissue.

Can You Bruise Your Breast?

Trauma or injury to the breast can also lead to the formation of a breast bruise. It may be due to blunt trauma in the area, accidents, or fall. These injuries in the chest area may also result in a fractured rib, which needs to be evaluated by a physician.

What Does A Breast Cancer Lump Feel Like?

A cancerous lump may feel rounded, soft, and tender and can occur anywhere in the breast. In some cases, the lump can even be painful. Some women also have dense, fibrous breast tissue. Feeling lumps or changes in your breasts may be more difficult if this is the case.

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What Is A Painful Lump In The Breast?

Breast Cancer: A painful lump in breast can be a symptom of breast cancer which is characterized by lumpy nodes that can be easily felt during palpation. The lump can even be painless. The inner lining of the milk ducts or lobules become dilated due to breast cancer.

Is A Lump In A Breast A Sign Of Breast Cancer?

A breast lump or mass is just one of the possible signs of breast cancer in men or women. Breast cancer can cause several additional changes to the skin on and around the breast. Anyone who notices any of these changes should see a doctor. In some cases, breast cancer may not cause any symptoms, but a doctor will identify a mass on a mammogram.

What Are Causes Of Breast Lumps Besides Cancer?

There are actually a lot of possible explanations for lumps in your breasts besides cancer: Normal hormonal breast tissue changes Breast infection (mastitis) Fatty lumps formed as a result of trauma Some medicines can cause breast lumps More items…

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Are Lumpy Breasts A Risk For Breast Cancer?

Lumpy breasts don’t seem to raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer, though they can make it hard to find a cancer that has developed. And while four out of five breast lumps turn out not to be cancerous, it’s always good to err on the side of caution and check with a doctor about any breast lump you notice.

What To Do If You Feel A Lump In Your Breast?

Injury on its own can also cause a lump in the breast that is very painful in terms of swelling. These types of lumps are benign and should not cause alarm. You can treat them by a cold compress or warm compress which may help in relieving pain.