Dark Spot On Nipple Looks Like A Bruise

Dark spot on nipple looks like a bruiseDark Purple Spot On Breast. by Dr. Douglas. Dr. Rixt Luikenaar answered. Obstetrics and Gynecology 24 years experience. See your doctor: If the spots are away from the nipple it could be anything like a bruise or bite or insect bite. If they are close to the nipple they can be inflamed . Read More. it seems to be a inflammed duct or gland inside the breast tissue. apply local cream take anti .

Inflammatory breast cancer pictures symptoms and

Small purple bruise-like mark on breast. I noticed a few days ago that a small purple bruise-like Mark has appeared just under my right breast. It doesn’t hurt, and there is no swelling or raise,it’s completely flat. There is no change to any other part of my breast (s), just this mark. I’m 28 and have booked a doctors appointment next .

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Some signs and symptoms of IBC resemble other inflammatory breast diseases like rashes, red spots, marks or bruised boobs. But non IBC situations can be covered up by using antibiotics. with the help of images below it is easy to differentiate among the symptoms and consult the physician to perform necessary diagnostic tests for IBC.

It’s not likely that a bruise on your breast that’s progressing according to the color guide above is a sign of IBC. The bruise as the only symptom – over a period of time – is a reassuring sign, but keep an eye on it to see if it does – or doesn’t – follow the color progression of a harmless bruise.

An ill-fitting bra may cause bruising on the breast. The appearance of a breast bruise can often cause alarm in many women. It usually appears as a skin discoloration, which can be blue, green, or purple, in one or both breasts. One of the most feared causes of breast bruise is inflammatory breast cancer.

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My skin tone is evening up nicely, with the exception of one spot that turned cancerous recently. We caught it early stage, non-melanoma. I have had this spot since I was in my early 20s, now 46. It was completely flat, just a dark spot, like a liver spot. The other spots, which I thought were similar, came after getting sick 4 years ago.

The areola is circle of skin that surrounds the nipple. Areolas vary in size, and in females, they typically range from 3 to 6 centimeters. 1 The areola is darker than the nipple itself, and can range from very pale pink to dark brown. It is normal for your breasts, areolas, and nipples to swell at certain times in your menstrual cycle or when .

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The discoloration can look like a bruise, so you might shrug it off as nothing serious. But breast redness is a classic symptom of IBC. Don’t ignore unexplained bruising on your breast.

Top of the pageCheck Your Symptoms Bruises and Blood Spots Under the Skin Topic OverviewBruises Bruises develop when small blood vessels under the skin tear or rupture, most often from a bump or fall. Blood leaks into tissues under the skin and causes the black-and-blue color. As bruises (contusions) heal, usually within 2 to 4 weeks, they often turn colors, including