How To Cure Nappy Rash Fast

Bleeding diaper rash remedies

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What Is The Best Nappy Rash Cream?

GP can prescribe a reaaly good cream called timodine which is nystatin and hydrocortisone. If the nappy rash has lasted so long it might not be just nappy rash. as for the open to the air thing well…….

How To Treat And Prevent Really Bad Diaper Rash?

The most important way to prevent and treat a rash is to keep your baby’s diaper dry and clean . And make sure the diaper isn’t wrapped too tightly. Whenever your baby isn’t wearing a diaper, lay them down on a towel. Also, give them some time without a diaper during the day. This may help keep the diaper area dry.

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Can Adults Get 'Nappy Rash'?

Diaper rash can affect anyone wearing diapers or incontinence briefs , including adults, babies, and toddlers. Symptoms in adults are the same as symptoms seen in babies and toddlers, and may include a pink-to-red colored rash, or peeling or irritated looking skin.

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