How To Heal Bruises On Leg

How to heal bruises on legMost bruises take anywhere from two to four weeks to heal completely and disappear. Leg bruises tend to linger longer than bruises on the face and arms. Some herbal ointments, such as those containing Arnica, can speed up the healing process.

Bruise spot on my leg for 4 months help

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How To Heal Bruises On Leg

  • Apply ice as soon as possible.
  • If you’ve bruised your arm or leg, immediately wrap an elastic bandage around the bruised part.
  • Reduce blood flow to the bruise to minimize discoloration.
  • After cooling the bruise for 24 hours, start applying heat to bring more circulation to the area and help clear away the pooled blood.

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What Would Cause A Bruise Without Injury?

Bruising without an injury can be a sign of diseases of the kidney, liver and blood such as hemophilia, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, scurvy and thrombocytopenia.

When To Ice A Bruise?

Icing the bruised or swollen areas is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce swelling and stop the spread of the bruise. Apply ice as soon as possible after the injury, and continue to ice the area for about 48 hours.

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How Do You Cure Bruises?

Most commonly, bruise cures include cold compressions, rest and elevating the bruised body part. In addition heat and pain relievers may also be used to treat a bruise. Commonly, a cold compress is used as a primary bruise treatment. Cold compressions can help bruises in several ways.

Is Heat Bad For Bruises?

Heat can also be used to treat a bruise. Typically, heat can be applied to a bruise within about two days of the bruise’s occurrence. Heat can be useful in restoring normal blood flow to the injured area, which should help the bruise to heal as well as fade away.

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