How To Make Your Foot Swollen And Bruised

How to make your foot swollen and bruised Possible Causes of Pain on Top of Foot Feels Like Bruise Fracture. A fracture in the midfoot can cause pain and bruise on the top of your feet, Ganglion cyst. This comes with a large lump on your feet, Gout. If you have bruising, pain, swelling and difficulty in walking, there is a high chance you are suffering from gout. Tendonitis.

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Do Your Swollen Feet Feel Like A Huge Bruise?

In some cases, your foot may feel as though it has a bruise . It may be tender or swollen, but there’ll be no discoloration . This may be because the broken blood vessels lie deeper under the skin or because your skin is thick, camouflaging the pooled blood. There are a wide variety of reasons why the soles of your feet may bruise.

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What Should You Do About Swollen Feet?

To reduce the swelling from a foot or ankle injury, rest to avoid walking on the injured ankle or foot, use ice packs, wrap the foot or ankle with compression bandage, and elevate the foot on a stool or pillow. If swelling and pain is severe or doesn’t improve with home treatment, see your doctor. Learn more about how to treat a sprained ankle.

Will Swollen Feet Go Away?

Usually it will go away within a few days. If the swelling doesn’t subside in this time, it could be cause for concern. If swelling occurs in your feet frequently when you drink alcohol, it may be a sign of a problem with your liver, heart, or kidneys. This could also be a sign that you’re consuming too much alcohol.

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How to make your foot swollen and bruisedIce pack placed on a foot bruise. A foot bruise is a relatively minor injury, generally caused by blunt force to the area, which results in blood pooling just beneath the skin. This is what causes the blue, purple, or even green color most bruises have. They typically heal on their own and will slowly begin to fade and change colors as it does so.

What s good for a sprained ankle injury