What Could Cause A Rash On My Neck

Skin rash on neck

What Could Cause A Rash On My Neck

A neck rash may be caused by a wide array of conditions and diseases, including an allergic reaction, autoimmune process, and an infection. If you experience a sudden type of acute neck rash it could be the reaction of your skin to a certain substance, including food, medication or jewelry.

What Does A Red Rash On Your Neck Mean?

Red rashes around the neck may also develops from rosacea. While in dermatitis, you might develop severe rashes only in a certain area, in rosacea, these rashes spread from the face onto the skin around the neck and ears.

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What Causes Hives Around The Neck?

Red, blotchy neck skin may indicate an outbreak of urticaria, or hives. Hives are caused by inflammation of the skin and can be brought on by allergic reactions to foods, drugs or other allergens, such as insect bites.

What Is A Rash On The Back Of The Neck?

Rashes on the neck are also seen as a symptom of psoriasis. In this disease abnormal growth of skin cells takes place on the neck which also leads to the formation of the pus on these cells. Thus there is blister formation on the back of neck, back or the face.

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What Causes A Rash Around The Hairline?

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin condition that can cause a red, itchy rash along the hairline. In most cases, seborrheic dermatitis starts out as little more than dandruff, or flaky skin on the scalp.

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